Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Words from Big

The first I sent my greetings to all of you, and thank to your helps to my studies, so I don’t have any way to express your love to me. I thank teacher Emily who is every moment with me in difficult moment not only in  time of happiness.   I can only say God bless all of you.

I would like to talk about my study situation ,  I enjoy medicine studies, forgetting the difficult moments.  it is my child dream, and I would like to help the others in the health situation. Medicine is a good course but very difficult (complicated) because its demand to read more books and use all your force to understand anatomy and physiology of every systems of human body, also in practices    but  when you understand oh it becomes very interesting.  So I hope I will finish my course because I do my best to pass every barrier. The house here I live has a problem of ceiling when it rain it’s like outside and I told to owner but nothing resolved.  For that, I have to do that myself.

Here in Mozambique I am with my mam, one brother one sister and my cousin.  We are here like refugees in Marratane Refugee’s Center, so my mother doesn’t have any job only she works as farmer near to  refugee center. also I think she is very old to do the  hard work, she is in 50 years.   The UNHCR(United Nations High Comission for Refugees) and government they give us food monthly but that isn’t enough for all month. One again, thank you for your help because some times I take one part the money and give to my mother,. Also she is grateful and she sends you a bless of Lord to you and your families

Finally I have to thank so much to all you did and for that you will do for me, God bless you economically, socially and all families     B Renovat

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